CryptoCountries Prints

A range of different types of prints will be made available for sale after the release of CryptoCountries. All prints will be produced on high quality archival paper using high quality inks with longevity in mind. Digital prints will be available for all mints. In addition, depending on the style of the image, different types of prints will be produced including etchings, cyanotypes (toned and blueprint) and pen plots.

Prints available to Early Minters

All original token holders that mint a token over 1.5 Ξ will be eligible for a once off (1/1) handmade signed print of their edition using a printmaking technique suitable for the style of image (intaglio etching, screenprint, cyanotype, etc.). The token holder will be consulted in the creation of the print and size, paper choice, borders, etc. can be determined to suit their personal preferences. This work will be carried out in Glasgow Print Studio in Glasgow, Scotland and the process extensively documented. The minter will have the option to join teleconference calls while the work is in progress if they are interested in seeing behind the scenes in the creation of a traditional print and receive a virtual tour of an active printmaking studio.

Free signed digital prints on archival paper will be available to the following collectors

  • All original holders that mint over 0.6 Ξ will receive a large signed print

  • All original holders that mint over 0.3 Ξ will receive a medium signed print

All token holders will be able to purchase a signed print of the mint they currently own.

Additional Notes

  • Due to the time and labour intensive nature of producing handmade prints, there is likely to be a lead time of a number of months.

  • Handmade prints and especially etchings sometimes contain small unintentional marks. These are not considered faults or errors but a natural byproduct of the traditional method and add individuality to each print making them special and unique.